VRaccoon (Cardboard VR game) Apk [Latest]

VRaccoon is a first-person arcade game – where you become a raccoon, roaming the flat in search of treats. Your job is to collect pieces of food that are in the air along your way. The game uses interesting navigation: you need to push the ball of wool for flying from room to room. Under the sweets you can find hidden bonuses. The biggest fun is to move with the raccoon-style fore, tapping the touch pad. This game is a perfect choice for all family – it is naïve, but bright and exciting.



Fully immersive VR experience
Innovative and intuitive player controller
Simple and user friendly gameplay


VRaccoon supports all mobile VR headsets (Google Cardboard, Homido, Fibrum, etc.)
The game is compatible with the most of HID USB/Bluetooth gamepads.


You can play the game without VR headset. Turn off «VR Mode» in the menu
In case of performance issue you can turn off “Distortion Correction” in the menu

VRaccoon (Cardboard VR game) Screenshots:

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VRaccoon (Cardboard VR game) Screenshots:

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